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On this page I would like to share some insightful observations and factual knowledge with you that I have acquired in over a decade of working with purebred Siamese, first-hand, day-in and day-out.

Siamese cats are the most beautiful, intelligent natural breed of cat, in my eyes.  From their short-haired, muscular, lean, tubular bodies, to their wedge-shaped head with big low set ears and navy blue, almond-shaped eyes, Siamese cats are very unique and exotic to say the least!  You don't see a cat like a CFA Siamese cat every day.  I have heard: "What is that?" or "Is that a cat or dog?" and "would you like a treat for your dog?"  No, thanks.  Now to the facts!  siamese cats for sale,siamese cats,siamese kittens,siamese breeders,siamese cat breeders

Socialization- Siamese cats are social by nature.  They are not a cat that sits on your couch all day long.  They are active and demand love, time and attention.  As much as Siamese cats love their care taker and human companions, they still need the companionship of other pets.  Siamese cats will get along with almost any type of other gentle animal including: other cats, dogs and even ferrets (fowl, rodents and reptiles, non recommended).  Not only are other pets companions, but when they get together, they are a great source of entertainment!


Highly Trainable- Siamese cats are extremely intelligent and highly trainable.  Having a Siamese cat is like having a cat, dog and monkey all in one.  Some Siamese cats even think they are human!  Siamese cats can be trained to do almost anything a dog can do.  They can walk on a harness, fetch and listen to commands (like come, go, sit, stay etc...).  Plus, they can balance in high places, they display acrobatic abilities and they even will use their front paws as hands to open doors and drawers!  They are highly expressive, constantly letting you know how they feel and what they want. They can even use the toilet with very little or, usually, no training.  This uncommon practice proves Siamese cats are commonly "human" in their own eyes.

Myths and Truths-The biggest myth of all: Siamese cats are mean? WHAT!!!!!!!! Whoever made up this rumor never owned a Siamese cat!  Siamese are the most intelligent, loving, loyal and beautiful cat in the world.  Myth #2, A certain color or sex is the best: NOT!!!!  The personality of the Siamese cat depends on the genetics of the parents and the environment the kitten is raised in. 

Safety-Indoors-Collars- Siamese cats with proper care have a life span of 15-20 years.  One of the most important things is to keep your Siamese cats indoors.  Too many things can happen to outdoor cats or even indoor/outdoor cats.  Any cat that is outdoors is susceptible to cars, disease, fleas and other animals, just to name a few things.  For indoor safety, I never recommend nor let my own cats wear collars.  If you must have a collar on your cat, please make sure it is the releasable type! siamese cats for sale,siamese cats,siamese kittens,siamese breeders,siamese cat breeders

Proper Nutrition- By nature cats are carnivores.  It is extremely important that your Siamese cats get the proper nutrition in the protein of meat.  Meat should always be the main ingredient in any food you feed your cat.  I highly recommend Iams kitten and Science Diet kitten food while your Siamese kitten is young then gradually switching to Iams Adult (different varieties) when 6-12 months old, depending on their weight and size.  Feeding your Siamese kitten with a cheap brand of grocery store cat food, saturated by fillers, will simply make your cat vomit and create a lot of clean up chores for you.  Some table scraps are okay as a treat and I feed my Siamese cats leftover meat, fish and veggies.  They have different tastes (like us) and some Siamese cats like veggies a lot, especially green beans.

Litter- I recommend and use clay litter. Pine litter and tore up newspaper are other options.  Never use scoop-able litter. First of all, when the litter gets wet it cements.  When cats use the scoop-able litter it gets in-between their paw pads and they lick it off and it can cement in their intestines.  Second, scoop-able litter is not as sanitary as the feces is removed, but all the bacteria and germs remain.  I highly recommend changing litter boxes often and letting them soak in steaming hot water with bleach or ammonia. 

A Good Veterinarian- God Bless all Veterinarians, for they love animals otherwise they wouldn't be doing what they love to do.  It is so important to have a Veterinarian that you feel comfortable with.  It is a fact that most Veterinarians are trained on dogs, even less know about purebred cats.  Make sure your veterinarian is experienced with purebred cats and you have educated, breeder advice as a reference.  I can't tell you how many times, when I first started breeding, that the veterinarian didn't have a clue and a Siamese breeder friend had the answer.  siamese cats for sale,siamese cats,siamese kittens,siamese breeders,siamese cat breeders

Vaccinations- For vaccinations I recommend a 3-way distemper (Fort Dodge PCT) vaccine for all cats.  I myself have all my Siamese cats tested and vaccinated yearly and that is what I highly recommend all pet owners to do.  Many states require the rabies vaccine.  I don't like it myself and I have heard that it can cause cancer at the sight of the injection.  That is second hand information though.  If you do vaccinate for Rabies please wait until your kitten is 6 months old. The 3-way distemper should be administered yearly and keeping your Siamese cats indoors is of the most paramount importance.

Surgery- If your Siamese cat ever needs any type of surgery, make sure your veterinarian uses ONLY Isoflourine (gas anesthesia).  NEVER use Ketamine as Siamese cats (and other cats) can have a reaction to it.  Hopefully your Siamese cat will only need one surgery in her or his lifetime; to be spayed or neutered.  KETAMINE SHOULD NEVER BE USED FOR ANY SURGERY!  Even the slightly bit can have devastating consequences.

siamese cats for sale,siamese cats,siamese kittens,siamese breeders,siamese cat breedersDe-claw- I highly disagree with de-clawing.  A de-claw is actually the knife amputation of the first digit on the fingers.  I know I would hate to wake up from surgery and have the first digit of my fingers completely removed, and I have no doubt you feel the same.  With proper care a cat does NOT need to be de-clawed.  The nails should be trimmed every two weeks.  To trim the nails, simply extract the nail (thumb and forefinger-compress the paw pad and the top of the paw) and look for where the red starts in the nail (that is the blood).  Do NOT clip anything but white!  All the white on the nail can be completely removed.  Just remember not to hit the red.  Nail caps are another alternative to trimming.  The nails caps come in cool colors and are glued over the top of the nail.  For those who feel they must de-claw their cats, DON'T.  If you absolutely must please find a Veterinarian that uses laser surgery.  Laser surgery is much less painful, the healing time is much faster and the chance of infection is a whole lot less.  Also, never have the back claws removed as that can lead to biting behavioral problems.  Think you want to de-claw?  Check out these links first!!!



Gingivitis- Unfortunately gingivitis can be a huge problem with the purebred Siamese cats.  If you plan to take care of your Siamese cats properly, plan on oral hygiene!  My first recommendation would be to get a dental kit from your local pet store and get your Siamese kitten used to having his or her teeth brushed weekly. With weekly brushing, this problem is solved! If your Siamese cat does need dental work, remember gas anesthesia ONLY!             


I hope this information has helped.  As always, I am totally dedicated to helping Siamese lovers and Siamese cats in any way possible.  If you have any questions, comments or interesting information to add, please feel free to contact me.




siamese cats for sale,siamese cats,siamese kittens,siamese breeders,siamese cat breeders

siamese cats for sale,siamese cats,siamese kittens,siamese breeders,siamese cat breeders

siamese cats for sale,siamese cats,siamese kittens,siamese breeders,siamese cat breeders         siamese cats for sale,siamese cats,siamese kittens,siamese breeders,siamese cat breeders


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